Saturday, 24 July 2010

Kevin Kline at the Movies

I first saw Kevin Kline in Silverado, which was a great Western movie, with Kevin Costner as well.

I later saw the movie, "A Fish Called Wanda" and really enjoyed the comedy.

Kevin Kline has made a large number of comedies over the years. I hope that he does a new comedy soon. We all enjoy having a good laugh now and again.

Kevin Kline Filmography

Vampires in Twilight

This year we have seen yet another sequel to the vampire Twilight series.
This promises to be yet another spectacular production, with a great storyline for young adults, filled with love,passion,romance and the undead.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Chris Nolan has created yet another blockbuster movie with "Inception", with Leonardo Di Caprio.

The movie is about corporate espionage done through the medium of Dreams. Dream manipulation is a unique concept along the lines of Lucid Dreaming.

This is a movie worth watching although it may be a bit confusing for some.

Phoebe the Actress and Entrepreneur

I remember first seeing the movie "Gremlins 2" with the actress Phoebe Cates years ago. The movie was very entertaining.

It was only a few years ago that I happened to find out on the web that Phoebe Cates married Kevin Kline, another great actor, who is several years her senior. They have two children and live in New York.

Phoebe is an Entrepreneur and has her own boutique near New York for the rich and famous.

Visit Phoebe's Blog

Swing Kids- The Movie

If you love to dance, jive and swing to some of the best jazz instrumental music from the 1930s, then you must see "Swing Kids".

This is a fact based movie on the secret movement of young people in Germany, who liked to Swing Dance, during World War II, although it was banned. If you enjoy music and jiving then this is definitely a movie you need to watch from start to finish and enjoy all the well choreographed dance sequences.

Below is a site with the 300 greatest Swing Era songs.
300 Greatest Swing Era Songs

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a superb musical with Julie Andrews, as a nun who brings music, fun, laughter and joy into the lives of a widower's seven children, when she becomes their Governess. But, with war looming all their lives are about to change. The Sound of Music was my Mum Joan's best movie.


In this movie the year is 2012 and the World is coming to an End. Huge Arks are created to save the human species. Author John Cusack tries to get his family to safety on to an Ark. The movie has a lot of great special effects, as famous monuments from around the world disintegrate. The movie is Directed by Roland Emmerich and is worth watching.

The Secret Life of Bees

A 14-year old girl, played by Dakota Fanning, struggles to deal with her Mother's death and runs away from home. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. (2008)

Pale Rider

Clint Eastwood stars in this Western, which follows a group of gold-miners who discover they are about to be made homeless by a ruthless landowner. A mysterious Preacher appears with lethal gunfighting skills to protect the helpless victims.(1985)

Cinema to come to the village hall with £1.2m Film Council scheme - Telegraph

It is time for everyone to experience the magic power of cinema, which is able to transport anyone into the realm of the silver screen.

Cinema to come to the village hall with £1.2m Film Council scheme - Telegraph

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sunset Boulevard

Gloria Swanson and William Holden star in this classic movie, "Sunset Boulevard" about a faded film star from the silent-movie era who dreams about making a comeback. However, her partnership with a struggling screenwriter leads to tragedy. This movie was Directed by Billy Wilder and co-stars Eric Von Strohein and was made in 1950.


Doctor in the House

This movie is a fantastic comedy made in 1954, starring Dirk Bogarde and Kenneth Moore, Directed by Ralph Thomas. It is about a young medical student, who is taken under the care of three colleagues, he is led astray and earns the ire of the Head Doctor.Watch the Doctor In the House for some great laughs.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Great Movie Directors

A good movie becomes a Great movie only after it has been directed by a Great Director. There are a large number of Great Movie Directors who have changed the History of Cinema.

Welcome to Great Movies Listings Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Great Movies Listing Blog. On this blog I will feature and list some of the great movies from the past and the recent years, which have left a great impact in Cinema History.